Beauty In Flight

Beauty in Flight

In the months leading up to the big day, travelling can become a regular activity that can wreak havoc on your skin. As a California transplant living in New York I was flying cross country for almost every wedding activity scheduled, bachelorettes, showers, planning and of course the big day. Pair this with a healthy dose of work travel, and I was on a plane nearly every 3 weeks leading up to my wedding. Being a bit of a skincare fanatic, I always had a rather extensive flying regime, but wanting to take extra care I developed a flying beauty arsenal that I still use to this day. Here are my preflight and inflight must haves for gorgeous glowing skin.


Make sure to have a clean and well hydrated face before you board your flight. While looking glam when you step off the plane may be important to you, this will ensure your skin looks awesome as well. So, NO MAKEUP when you get on the plane. Just a fresh washed face, slathered in a hydrating moisturizer will do the trick. If you are coming from a meeting or are flying mid-day and already have a full face, no worries. Face wipes will do the trick in a pinch and will have you ready for your inflight “spa” routine.


Drink lots of water, the recycled air in planes dehydrates skin faster than you realize. Even a quick hour flight will suck up hydration, drinking lots of water will help keep your skin looking fresh. Dependent on how long your flight is, there are a few options to pair with your regular water consumption.

First give your skin a quick spritz with a facial mist anything from those travel Evian sprays to a lovely rose floral water will do the trick. Second apply a hydrating mask and lip balm. I love a good sleeping mask as It will help lock in moisture and plump your skin. Next try and get some shuteye. Sleep will help your skin look relaxed and refreshed come landing.

If you are on a long haul flight, I would do a second spritz around hour 3 and a third around hour 6. After the spritz at hour 3 you can apply a face oil or serum to the skin for nutrition and radiance OR you can apply a hydrating sheet mask. This lovely 15-minute mask will give your skin a boost with hydrating and plumping properties. My go-to is Dr. Jart Hydro-plumping mask with sea algae.

Now, as the captain announces your descent whip out a face wipe and give your skin a once-over. Apply your favorite moisturizer and BB Cream with a swipe of mascara and lip gloss and you will look like a goddess as you emerge from the plane.

Gym Bag Essentials: Bridal Bootcamp

Bridal Gym Bag Essentials

Being and feeling fit are a huge part of looking your beauty best for the day of “I Do.” That regular boost of endorphins will have you feeling amazing and glowy and those squats and pushups will have you looking like a babe as you strut down the aisle in your dress.  I know getting to the gym can be a drag come winter, but here are a few things that always seem to motivate, as well as a few beauty tips to keep in your gym bag.

  1. New Exercise Clothes – we all like new clothes, whether they be for work or fun. Picking up a few new athleisure pieces will have you excited to hit the pavement, or at least the treadmill. With so many new sites to choose from there are options for every budget. New duds built for exercise are also great for your skin. Moisture wicking fabrics that help keep you dry will also keep your skin from getting filled with dirt and oil as you sweat it out. (Lorna Jane pictured above, other affordable options include Fabletics)
  2. Exercise with a friend – Now what is your MOH there for other than support? Grab your bestie and sign up for a class or go on a hike. The time will fly by as you have a buddy to help motivate you, but you will also get in some great planning time by working out together. You can chat dresses, florals and menu as you jog, and then gab about “real life” over brunch after.
  3. Keep a fully stocked Gym Bag – now this may seem obvious, but when I say fully stocked I mean with exercise beauty must-haves. No slip hair ties and deodorant are givens, but you should always have packs of face wipes on hand as well. This is my saving grace at the gym. Washing your face and showering after a workout is super important for banishing any bacteria that may cause acne, but sometimes you don’t have time to hit the showers before you head home. Keep a pack of face wipes at the ready and you can quickly give your face a once over and even wipe down your shoulders, chest and back. This swipe before you can shower at home will help reduce pesky unwanted breakouts. Another must have Hand Sanitizer, while we all know we should wipe down gym equipment after use, many people do not. Keep your hands fresh and clean with a quick drop of some citrus scented hand sanitizer. (Ole Henriksen Grease Relief Cleansing Cloths $8, Aesop Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Wash$10)
  4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – regularly drinking water whether you’re exercising or not, will help keep your skin glowing and clear. Water also helps reduce bloating another plus for looking good on the big day. Tote a handy sports bottle with you to the gym and you’ll be well on your way to those 8 glasses a day.

Now get moving, that bridal bootcamp is waiting for you.

Honeymoon Beauty Haul: Safari Chic

Safari Packing List Beauty Bells

Next up in our Honeymoon Beauty Haul, is Safari Chic. You may be trekking through the bush at the wee hours of the morning, but damn-it you’ll look good doing it.

For ladies on an exotic adventure full of nature and a tad of luxury, this list’s for you:

  1. You need an easy all over moisturizer, as you wont want to carry lots on your trip. I suggest First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. Perfect for your face, but also great for your hands and body too! This super rich whipped cream texture will melt into your skin leaving you hydrated and comfortable. (available at Sephora, $12+)
  2. SUNSCREEN is your bestie whether it is cold and gray or sunny and bright you need SPF daily. I love the L’Occitane Jenipapo sunscreen as it doesn’t leave that dreaded white ghost look and has a lovely scent to boot. At SPF 30 it is a win for me. (available at L’Occitane boutiques)
  3. If you’re looking a little grey come 5 am when they wake you for your morning ride, may I suggest the Erborian Perfect Morning BB Mask. This one-minute mask cleanser is going to give your skin that lovely antioxidant boost it is craving, thanks to the organic matcha green tea. Smooth, clean and bright your skin will have never looked better. (available at Sephora, $32)
  4. BB Mask not done the trick? Give yourself the extra glow and color with Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. You wont be wearing “makeup” per se but your skin will look uniform and clear with a dewy finish. (available at Bloomingdales, $44)
  5. Lip Balm is my best friend and I am always trying them out. A recent fave is Supergoop MintFusion with SPF 30. Your lips will be hydrated and protected while you ooh and ahh at all those lovely animals. (available at Sephora, $9.50)
  6. Now for those of you who have never been to the bush, you will learn that going to the bathroom outside is not always the chicest of activities. Aesop hand sanitizer will be your best friend. The lovely citrus scent will keep your mits nice and fresh so all you need to worry about is looking out for a stray lion while you quickly go to the “loo.” (available at Barney’s, $10)
  7. While you may not be running a marathon a quick swipe of deodorant is always welcome. I love Le Couvent des Minimes Everyday Deodorant. The refreshing citrus and herb scent is lovely, and the roll on format keeps this natural-based wonder easy to apply. (available at ULTA, $13.50)
  8. Last but not least no snag ribbon hair ties are a GOD send for the safari life. You wont be doing your hair come 5 am so I recommend throwing it in a pony or quick braid to keep it out of your way while animal watching. Bright colors will keep you feeling safari chic. (available at Target, $9.99/4 pack)

Now get packing and send us some pics from your adventures! The best part of the bush are the drinks you get mid ride! Enjoy!


Honeymoon Beauty Haul: City Slicker Edition

beauty bells copy

After months and months of preparation, your big day has come and gone. Now you and your beloved are jet-setting off on an exciting honeymoon, carry-on bag chock full of all your beauty essentials.

Dependent on your locale of choice, your beauty routine could vary dramatically. For those ladies seeking a European excursion full of sightseeing, museums and strolls along the Seine this City Slicker packing list is for you:

  1. Vitamin C Serum – A serum rich in Vitamin C is your perfect urban solution! This will keep your skin looking glowy, plumped and those excellent antioxidants will help protect your skin against harsh environmental factors. (Truth Serum® Vitamin C Collagen Booster, $48)
  2. Multi-purpose daily moisturizer – As you]re on vacation you don’t want to carry your full beauty arsenal with you. I say opt for a nourishing moisturizer like this Shea Butter daily moisturizer. light enough for day time use, but rich enough for night as the She Butter will help protect, nourish and moisturize skin while you catch some much needed zzz’s (Shea Butter Comforting Cream, $28)
  3. Tinted Moisturizer – You want some color coverage, but you will be painting the town from the wee hours of the morning and you don’t want a heavy face of makeup as you sight see. Opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF that will keep you looking fresh all day long. (Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, $44)
  4. Contour Pen – At night or even for a special day trip you may need to spice up your beauty game. a multi purpose contouring pen is the perfect option! Sculpt and highlight with a dual sided stick. The blendable formula has great slip allowing you to naturally blend with your fingers if you don’t have room for packing your makeup brushes. (Lancome Le Duo Contour Stick, $36)
  5. Bronzer – No time for contouring in the day? No problem! Just swipe on some bronzer for a sun-kissed glow and be on your way (Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer,  $53)
  6. Lip & Cheek Stain – Double duty products are perfect for travel. No need to pack extra lipsticks and a blush when a multi-purpose stain will do the trick. Even better you can apply with your fingers – makeup brushes not necessary. (BECCA Beach Tint, $25)
  7. Liquid Liner – A waterproof liquid pen liner is ideal for travel. As you will be doing some urban trekking you will not want your liner to smudge in the heat, this beauty will last all day long! (Magic Marc-er, $30)
  8. Volumizing Mascara – As space in your makeup bag is scant, I suggest foregoing eye shadow and grabbing a volumizing mascara to help make your pretty peepers pop. (Omega Lash Mascara, $26)
  9. Brow Gel – I know I have said it before, but keeping your eyebrow game on point is KEY! They frame your features, and instantly give you a polished look without applying a full face. (Anastasia Beverly Hills Borw Gel, $22)
  10. Setting Spray + SPF – SPF is never something to leave behind, and while you may not be on the beach, you would be surprised by how much sun you can get while playing tourist. This travel friendly makeup setting spray with SPF is perfect to take in your purse so you can reapply throughout the day without messing up your makeup! (Supergoop Defense Refresh setting Mist, $12)